Saturday, March 13, 2010

.CoHo Crew. Clean.Up.

I feel fortunate to be involved with young.struggling.dedicated makers of art who are conscience of their surroundings.

There is make a difference in our society.
Think Local. Think Organic.Think.Think.Think.Fabric bags.not.Plastic.Car Pooling. Bicycling. Walking.Public Transportation.Think.Pulling your weeded garden.not.Spraying Chemicals.Cold Water for Laundry.not.Hot. Air Dry.what you can.

gee golly..

Just fucking think. Please.

The Coho Crew wrote a proposal for Earth Day/Philly Clean-Up Day.(for that beast called money..)

Whether or not the crew receives the money for rubber gloves and poking sticks. We are parading around.picking up trash along the way.with gloves and poking sticks.
(i'm going to make a corset vase vest "theme" for the eighteenth century prostitute.esque..powder in my teased out hair and..ladida..)

*Description of the organization: (mission, history, and accomplishments, with a focus on capacity to develop the proposed project.)

The Cohoquinoque Crew is a collective of artists in Philadelphia catalyzing creativity in their community through positive social adventures. The crew is comprised of contemporary artists who, for the love of making, wish to preserve and promote the innovative culture found in their neighborhoods-Fishtown and Northern Liberties.

The Coho Crew hosts community and environmental service activities to sustain clean and growing neighborhoods. We, also, hope to promote friendship and cooperation between these two neighborhoods.

The most recent accomplishment of the Coho Crew is the Rock Bass Rainbow Fest, a two day festival comprised of a fashion show, music, and an art/craft fair. The festival featured local artists, musicians, and vendors. Participants and patrons during the festivities donated food for our city’s Philabundance program.

Our goal is to use our creative resources for positive impact in our neighborhood and in our city. During Philly’s Spring Clean Up day, our collective hopes to inspire fellow neighbors by joining in our enthusiasm and dedication to the environment and our community.

  • Description of the neighborhood: (boundaries of the area neighborhood, appearance and open spaces (including community facilities)

The Coho Crew's focus for this project will be on their neighborhoods of Northern Liberties and Fishtown; specifically on the street that splits them, Girard Avenue!

  • Description of the project: (location, current condition, plans for site use, progress on this plan, community support for project, and any match funding or agreements with partner organizations.)

Girard Avenue is covered in trash. Our small group will make a big difference by cleaning from Shackamaxon Street, the location that William Penn and the Lennape Indians signed a peace treaty, continuing our march down Girard Avenue, concluding at 8th and Poplar. Our crew will then join forces with the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association to clean up the baseball park.

We are proposing a cleaning parade consisting of the following: colorful trash and recycling bins, musical instruments, participants in costumes, gaining attention for our cause. The whole process will be filmed and documented for a later art project. The collective of artists that make up the Coho Crew will then take what was found on Girard and either dispose of it accordingly or create a collaborative art piece to commemorate Philly’s Annual Spring Clean up!

Through advertising for this parade and through the fun energy we create on the day of the clean up, we hope to have volunteers join in helping us with this project.

  • Impact of the project and future sustainability: (planned or anticipated programming in project location, plans for continued maintenance (including long-term maintenance budget and timeline), and how project fits into community plans for neighborhood.)

It is our hope that this parade will inspire the neighborhoods of Fishtown and Northern Liberties to take more pride in their surroundings and take care of their streets.

It is also a way to express concern to the advisory committees of these neighborhoods to take a look at how unclean the border between these two communities have become, and,maybe,they will initiate a plan to start beautifying this area.

This clean up day will not only brighten up Girard Avenue, it will also be a catalyst for future clean up projects and art pieces amongst our energetic and creative neighbors.

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